Thanks for coming to my home! My name is Arnau Lázaro Azcarate and i was born in Barcelona in 1989. 

I started painting Warhammer at a very young age as most of the painters i know but i started my real path between brushes on 2015 when i moved to England. I live now in Kingston upon Thames, a beautiful town in London, and here is where i had the chance to develop my skills. 

Now i am a full time figure painter, i do comissions for the main brand’s box arts, i am lucky enough to do comissions for the best collectors in the world and i am trying to, more every time, paint for my own collection. Which is also the reason i started painting at the very beginning. 

I am passionate about Warhammer 40k, high fantasy in general, Star Wars, Dragons, cars and Marvel, but as the time goes i feel the need to put some meaning into my pieces, to create something, not only do some cool representations of badass characters (which i like as well). We have a world of unexplored possibilities in our young hobby/art and i am eager to scratch the surface. 

In this website you will find some of my painted models over the years, the more representative of my career as a figure painter. Also, you will find a selection of products in the shop, that are a result of my work or my close colleagues, and every single article in there is made with passion and love for our craft. 

Thanks for taking some time to know me and my work, it means the world to me.