Let’s create something together

Quick questions

  • Who can comission? Everyone without restriction, you don’t need to be a brand or a renown collector to excite me with a project.
  • How to contact me? Write an email to arnau.lazaro@gmail.com and we will talk about your ideas.
  • How much does it cost? Every project is different and i am very flexible depending on the difficulty and time required to complete the project.
  • How long do i have to wait? Well, my schedule is pretty full so usually it takes a few months of wait at least, i always try to give a close estimation but it may vary, better to wait than have a rushed or half assed figure right?
  • Instead of comissioning, can i buy something already done? Yes you can but usually things sell out the moment i announce it so my stock of painted figures is low, usually i have old pieces only. Write me and i will put you on a “ask me first” list.
  • Can i book private or group workshops with you? Yes, i do all type of workshops and masterclass all the time, email me and we can discuss the better option for your learning or i may point you to already organized events.

If you have any project in mind let me know, everything can be done and when we talk about a project we can find new ideas for it or adapt it to your vision.
If the job requires sculpture or conversion the time and budget will be increased. I am able to team up with sculptors to do a personalized job so no idea is off the table. 

As it is a creative work when i have spare time i prioritize jobs that tickle my interest, so, the best is the idea, quickest and better will be the outcome.