Let’s make Warhammer, art

Since i can remember, i have been a fan of citadel miniatures and their lore.
Now i am priviledged enough to be able to partner with the best sculptors and collectors in the world to create amazing artworks of the worlds of Warhammer.

Most of the large scale artworks are custom made fanarts that are either unique or an extremely limited runs of 3-4 units.
ecause of that it’s not possible to get copies of them.

Some others will be dioramas, little scenes and characters made with Citadel miniatures, converted and painted by myself to the best of my skills, usually for Golden Demon or my own collection.
I painted a lot of Warhammer in my life but i find this ones to be the most representatives in my career.
If you want to see more please check the gallery, you’ll find more views and other figures i did in my career

Mephiston’s Rage

Scale: 32mm
Citadel miniatures + my own conversion
Based on the artwork by Lie Setiawan

Gold in Diorama Golden Demon UK 2023


Scale: 75mm
Sculptor: Joaquín Palacios
Based on the artwork by Neil Roberts

Interrogator Chaplain

Scale: 75mm
Sculptor: Raúl G. Latorre
Based on the artwork by Paul Bonner 

Storm Reapers

Scale: 32mm
Citadel Miniatures + my own conversions
Based on the artwork by Jaime Martinez

Abaddon the Despoiler

Scale: 32mm
Citadel Miniature

Bronze in single 40k at Golden Demon UK 2019