Luna Lovewisp and her cat Whiskerwisp


“Luna Lovewhisp and her cat Whiskerwisp”


75mm Scale

Concept art: Anna Meshchanova
Sculpture: Lua Garo
Cast: Macone models
Box art: Arnau Lazaro
Pieces: 7

Supplied unpainted and unassembled
Not suitable for kids under 14 years old

35 in stock


Once upon a time, in a bright, twinkling forest filled with magical creatures, there lived a kind-hearted witch named Luna Lovewisp. Luna had sparkling blue eyes that twinkled like stars, and she wore a cloak the color of the midnight sky. Luna loved all magical creatures, but she had always wanted a special companion.

One day, Luna decided to summon a mighty demon, a powerful creature that would protect the forest and be her faithful friend. Luna gathered the necessary ingredients – a sprinkle of stardust, a dash of moonlight, and a whisper of the wind – and cast her spell. With a great flash and puff of smoke, out came… a chunky cat with bright green eyes and a fluffy tail.

“What’s this?” Luna exclaimed, looking at the small creature. “You’re not a demon!” But as she gazed into those bright green eyes, she felt a strong bond. This was no ordinary cat. She named him Whiskerwisp.

As days passed, Luna discovered Whiskerwisp was more than just a cat. He could speak the human language, teleport from one place to another, and even understood her magical spells! He was clever, funny, and had a heart as big as Luna’s. They became inseparable friends, exploring the magical forest together, learning new spells, and having grand adventures.

And so, Luna Lovewisp and Whiskerwisp the magical cat lived happily in their enchanted forest, taking care of the magical creatures and each other. Luna realized that even though she didn’t summon a demon, she got something far better – a friend who was loyal, brave, and magical, just like her. And they promised to protect their magical forest, together, forever.

That’s the end of our story, but remember, in the magical forest, it’s always the beginning of a new adventure for Luna and Whiskerwisp