The Parsnip King


The two are as close to friends as our goblins can get! Always comepting the non violent goblins share the world with the Sundelwë but have never fought anything more than minor skirmishes over land which has the best mustrooms or plentiful berries.

The fight for the biggest Parsnip was on and the 2 agreed the standard wager as always before agreeing which leaves to dig from!

So The Turnip King was born!!

Concept: Murad Albakov
Sculpt: Valentin Zak

Casts: Ciprian Negut
Scale: 90mm

Size: 80mm Foot To Parsnip

Parts: 9
Material: Resin

Presented in a branded plain cardboard box cushioned with wood shavings. All our miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.The painted examples are for inspiration only. Plus 2 bad boy stickers!! However they are the same stickers and they are just our logo… So if you like our logo, quids in mate!

WARNING: This is not a toy!

Recommended for ages 14 and over. May be harmful if chewed or swallowed.

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