Neko Galaxy, December 2022. Box art. Neko has been always one of the brands i’ve been […]
Games Workshop, December 2022. Collector comission. I will always love painting warhammer of any kind and […]
Big Child Creatives, December 2022. Box art. This type of bust is probably the type i […]
Loot Studios, December 2022. Box art. You can’t miss with a dwarf right? I tried to […]
Limbo miniatures, November 2022. Box art. I always thought backgrounds are not necessary for most of […]
Arnau miniatures, November 2022. Box art. This is the second version of Emma, my first bust […]
Squidmar miniatures, October 2022. Box art. Squidmar has been creating for some time this amazing fantasy […]
Games Workshop, September 2022. Collector comission. I always loved warhammer and specially warhammer 40k, and when […]
Tricebestigon Aradia Miniatures, released September 2022. Box art. I had this painted for a few months, […]
Mandalorian, season 1 Eastman 3D, July 2022. I just wanted to paint him. I started him […]

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