Unique Sculpt, October 2023. Collector comission. As a long time collector of the blood angels chapter, […]
FeR miniatures, October 2023. Box art. This was a very fun exercise with all the spiderwebs […]
Spira Mirabilis, August 2023. Comission. I didn’t paint many of Lucas Pina’s sculpts but everytime i […]
Galapagos miniatures, August 2023. Personal project. Everytime Galapagos releases a new piece i am there like […]
FeR miniatures, July 2023. Box art. This bust was one of those you start as a […]
Kimera miniatures, June 2023. Collector comission. This is kind of an extra special piece, mainly because […]
Limbo miniatures, May 2023. Box art. I fell in love with the concept art of this […]
Neko Galaxy, April 2023. Collector comission. This was one of those special comissions that you just […]
Games Workshop, April 2023. Collector comission. (Gold Diorama, Golden Demon 2023) After the disapointment of 2022 […]
FeR miniatures, February 2023. Box art. Fer had a very defined concept for this character and […]

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