Unique Sculpt, February 2024. Collector comission. I had this in my desk for a long time […]
Spira Mirabilis, February 2024. Comission. This was probably my favourite or one of them at least […]
Unique sculpt, November 2023. Collector comission. As i said in previous figures Luis Royo has been […]
Black sun miniatures, December 2023. Box art. I had the chance to reimagine a classic and […]
Black crow miniatures, November 2023. Box art. One of those captivating minis you encounter on your […]
Unique sculpt, November 2023. Collector comission. Luis Royo has been since my childhood one of my […]
Inu Kingdoms, November 2023. Just for fun. When i painted it i was just craving a […]
Arnau Miniatures, October 2023. Box Art. What can i say about it, a miniature i tailored […]
Unique Sculpt, October 2023. Collector comission. As a long time collector of the blood angels chapter, […]
FeR miniatures, October 2023. Box art. This was a very fun exercise with all the spiderwebs […]

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