Call for help

Nordlys miniatures, November 11. Box art.

This is a sad and disturbing piece but it needs to be. Thorbjorn Barone who sculpted it and Nordlys miniatures wanted this to be a reflection of a problem most times ignored.
I quote from his kickstarter.
“Usually portrayed dramatically in literature and film, but in reality a call for help is often quiet and sadly unheard. Subsequent to a suicide in the local hobby community, i began reflecting on how these tragedies often go unnoticed. Not long after this event i began painting the concept art and consequently sculpting the model.”

I always thought that kindness is the antidote for the world, it is hard to be it sometimes, most of the times even, but not only can save other peoples lives, it can save also your own.
I don’t mean it will always get to that point but kindness is something so powerful that people who don’t practice it often can’t believe it.
If you do a few times, just selfless acts of kindness, you realise though.
And again, no need to grand gestures, you can be it with the simplest and most common things.

Just please, be kind 🙂

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